Tuesday, February 16, 2010

comp: In A Cloud- New Sounds from San Francisco

"Dropped in Shades of White"
Port towns are always prime for musical stew, with songs washing in from the sullen water, rocking against rotting docks and planting themselves like barnacles on lazy barges. Of course, it's snowing in Greenpoint right now and I'm pretty jealous of anyone with even a semi-desirable sea view. And, in the middle of this longing, Secret Seven Records was nice enough to pass along the new In A Cloud- New Sounds from San Francisco compilation, a collection of SF local treats as potent and savory as any medical edibles from the Bay Area. (Chris recently noted the exceptional Sandwitches track "Grey Wizard.") One of my personal favorites comes from Dylan Shearer, an artist I was introduced to this summer via RTSB, who is truly one of my favorite songwriters working today. If a more sullen Ray Davies sounds your up alley, get excited. Another highlight is Tim Cohen's (Fresh & Onlys) "I Come Alive," a minimalist piano led lullaby with a snap-bass drum beat that keeps it uptempo enough where a vampire woman sounds like a genuinely pleasant companion to guide you toward the light.

Dylan Shearer- 4 In the Morning House(taken down upon request)
Tim Cohen- I Come Alive

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