Tuesday, February 9, 2010

video: Mountain Man "Babylon"

"We Remember"

Our West Coast friends Yours Truly recently spent an afternoon with Mountain Man in San Francisco. Alex and Amelia arrived on the left coast after an epic cross-country drive which brought them to Molly, and now, they are whole again. Not only that but this video, which finds the women in fine form, features a song I've never heard them sing before, "Babylon," which sounds as if its one of the ancient hymns Mtn Man have a particularly soft spot for. Touring up the coast, if I could be anywhere right now, it'd be behind a beat up old Volvo rolling up the Pacific Coast Highway following Mountain Man on their maiden voyage to the Pac-Nor. Be sure to watch the two other segments Yours Truly filmed, which are currently airing over at GvB and AD. Also, be sure to read the lovely letter Molly, Amelia and Alex left these guys. Nice people coming together, this is how the world will change. (*Molly, you will get an A+ for your Field Work Term. Cheers.)


Elizabeth Susan said...

Great location and a pleasure to listen to.

Liz Adams said...

i think babylon is a peter paul and mary song, or at least they also performed it.