Wednesday, February 3, 2010

video: Future Islands "Swept Away"

"Father In Time"
Living room sessions are often an interesting beast. They tend to be unamplified, or, at least, mildly amplified and can find an artist putting interesting twists on already fleshed out tracks. Often they become, for whatever reason, "definitive" versions, as the comfort and intimacy of playing music in someone's home inevitably/inherently finds its way into the sound. Future Islands have been creating twisted synth pop for years now, having toured and released stuff with a lot of their Wham City brethren, however, this living room session, put together by BMore Musically Informed, finds the act moving away from the freak scene, in favor of minimalism in this introspective, stripped down version of "Swept Away," a tune from In The Evening Air, which will be released shortly by Thrill Jockey. Something about this reminds me of New Order in the mid-80s, if they'd been out 'til dawn, rolling hard, and then, while coming down, they decided to play a new tune on the organ that sat in Mums kitchen.


Mark Schoneveld said...

That's a lot of NattyBo in the background! ;)

Great find, McG. Love this raw sound.

Mace Hane said...

That New Order analogy is really good!