Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bobkast 31: Translucent/Snow Day

"In The City Tonight"
Waking up to a generous heaping of flakes outside your window is the ultimate joy for most kids. For adults, the ultimate pain. Slushy ice roads, congested tunnels, travel delays, detours, black ice, and arctic winds can make the morning/evening commute feel like waging a war against the elements. Yet, inside, peering out a steamy window, all is calm. A bit of this quiet introspection could do the commuter well, transporting him/her from the chaos of a congested underground tunnel to a mystical igloo they once dreamed of living in as a child. This mix was designed early this morning as an agent to take you to that special frozen place.

Bobkast #31: Translucent/Snow Day
Allaudin William Mathieu- Air in E-Flat
Alice Coltrane- Shiva-Loka
Silver Pines- Timefather
How to Dress Well- My Body
Atlas Sound- Cold & Golden
Pure Ecstasy- DWLDWD
Slowdive- Ambient Guitars (excerpt)
Galaxie 500- Snowstorm
Julian Lynch- Untitled/Flutes
Fripp & Eno- Wind on Wind
Grouper- Vessel
Charalambides- Memory
Sleepover- Your World is Night
John Maus- Do Your Best
Dreamers Cloth- The Coconut Pearl B1

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