Wednesday, February 24, 2010

video: Four Tet "Angel Echoes"


3D, a medium through which many have tried to replicate authentic life through film, has been in our collective consciousness since the '50s. It's never been that great, although, in theory it's amazing. Do you remember the first time you watched a 3D movie? I do. It was Captain EO at Epcot Center. I also remember playing Rad Racer in 3D on NES, which, instead of mimicking the harsh realties of the illustrious International race community, somehow communicated a vaulted hyper reality, one more akin to needing the chill out room at the Hacienda than "seeing things as they are." And so here we are, in the age of Avatar, the 3D age, and Ray Concepcion is downgrading the medium to its most commercial and most hypnotique. Armed with a janky pair of 3D glasses, made out of paper and what are most likely the worlds cheapest lighting gels, Concepcion takes Four Tet's recent performance at LPR to new hypnogigic states, reformatting an often alien tool in order to convey the ecstatic exuberance of one of those girls up front, grinding her ass (and her teeth), watching that EXIT sign in her peripheral expand and contract like her inner consciousness.

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