Friday, October 30, 2009

video: Mountain Man, Air Waves

"Bright Baby Eyes of the Chickadee"

Saw LAKE, Karl Blau and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks get seriously down at Ash's Place last night. Got home late, passed out hard. Woke up, still dreaming, with these in my in box. A "music video" for Mountain Man's undeniable "Animal Tracks," which appears to be shot while the ladies were recording (re-recording) the song for future release. Rumor has it that we'll be seeing more than just a 7" in the not-so-distant future, which is very good news. Also, Ray C sent over the latest installment in his CMJ series, this one featuring Air Waves, who, despite playing after Mountain Man to a room not nearly full enough, managed to make me feel pretty darn warm and cozy, despite the monsoon in Brooklyn last Saturday night. Really looking forward to both Mountain Man and Air Waves future releases on Underwater Peoples.


orange said...

thx for the video. very nice :)

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