Monday, October 26, 2009

video: Real Estate "Black Lake" at CMJ

"Swimming Beneath the Power Lines"

Last week was hectic, hence no real posting. Either way, another great, chaotic week at CMJ, even though I did my best to keep it rather low key. Such is the vibe in this c. axel capture of Real Estate Friday night at the Chocolate Bobka/twosyllable/Underwater Peoples Showcase at the Delancey. A host of issues had bands running a late and Real Estate didn't go on 'til roughly 2:45 am, an hour after when they were supposed to finish. Every one was exhausted. Yet, by the time they took the stage, a sense of calm engulfed the room, as there was no fooling who everyone was there to see. Of course, after returning from a short tour with Japandroids and playing an additional two weeks worth of shows during CMJ, Real Estate were on fire, playing cuts from their soon to be released self titled debut on Woodsist (pick it up at a show), as well as more obscure cuts like "Atlantic City" and new bomb "Basement." Big ups to Ettienne, Bleeker, Marty and Matt for going on wicked late and still killing it. Quite the end to a pretty darn good, rainy night.


georgia k said...

fucking killer vid.

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