Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mp3: Mountain Man "Honey Bee"

"Let Us Sing A Song To Thee"
It's been a little while since I've written about Mountain Man, but don't think that we've forgotten about them. Hardly. If anything, I'm living with Mountain Man. Or at least trying to. I could only hope to breathe the air these ladies seem to breathe. It's the most refreshing, honest to God air there is. No additives or preservatives, just natural goodness. While "Animal Tracks" is a remarkable, its really just a gateway drug to the songs of these young women, which have been sent down by the sun and harvested in little Green Mountain groves near Bennington, VT. "Honey Bee," an A Capella track available on the group's BandCamp page, is the lullaby I wish my mother had sung to me when I was a child, shielding my dreams from monstrous invaders. If she had, maybe I'd be a better sleeper. And then there's "Dog Song," a more structured affair, which would make even Karen Dalton, a hardened drunk in her day, weep with joy. I'm sad Karen passed before hearing these tunes, maybe they could've saved her from herself. Or maybe, just maybe, she sent them down from a happier place.

The ladies from Mountain Man will be coming to Brooklyn during CMJ. More details on that in a bit. They'll also be back for a VERY SPECIAL Chocolate Bobka Presents show in December. I wouldn't use all caps if I didn't mean it. Seriously.

Mountain Man- Honey Bee

Mountain Man- Dog Song


georgia k said...

so beautiful.

Jonathan said...

I love these guys!

marisa said...

funny dudes that are neighbors and lovers!