Tuesday, October 6, 2009

comp: LatinAmeriCarpet

"Marcha A La Turca"

Sublime Frequencies comps are the best way to take a cheap vacation. No matter where you are, time and place fall by the wayside, as you slip into whatever culture the SF guys curate or record. Bali, Thailand, Syria, Algeria, wherever they go, you go. Recently I've been vibing on the label's Latinamericarpet: Exploring the Vinyl Warp of Latin American Psychedelia Vol 1. The exceptional compilation, even by Sublime Frequencies standards, proves an apt intro to the smoldering sounds of South America, covering traditional Latin folk, '60s/'70s weirdo radio pop, and blistering tropically infused psych rock. For whatever reason, the tracks that really hit me are all Argentine, which makes sense as more than half of the record, culled from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Isle de Pascua (Easter Island), were birthed in Argentina. The blistering garage psych of "Pequeno Salvaje" by Reno, Los Travieso's "Cuando Sea Grande," a teenage Os Mutantes rip off (in a good way), and vinyl warped infant folk-pop of "Tecnicas De Concentracion Y Relajacion Yoga/ Don Din Don" each show Argentine culture fusing with Western aesthetics and feature the growing influence of psychedelia. A must for fans of obscure psych, tropicalia and the like.

Reno- Pequeno Salvaje

Los Travieso- Cuando Sea Grande
Los 4 Planetos- Dos Guitarras

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