Friday, October 16, 2009

CMJ: Underwater Peoples Afternoon Delight

"Skyrockets in Flight"

As CMJ nears I think its important to hint you to another choice showcase. Yes, yes, we're brosefs with the Underwater Peoples crew and love posting their "sick jams" as "mp3s" and all, but what really matters is "feeling" the music maan. Said music can be felt, and will feel you (it might get uncomfortable, beware!), next Saturday afternoon, October 24th 2009, at the Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. Like the Late Summr Showcase, Afternoon Delight will highlight nearly every single Underwater Peoples affiliate, from Fluffy Lumbers to Air Waves to Liam the Younger to a full-on Pill Wonder 7-member experience. Best of all, its during the day, so be prepared to suck down at least your body weight in Bloody Mary's and bagels. All info above.

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Unknown said...

bro, this is the best cm-shmo-blow showcase i've had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. i'm shooting every effing band here, fo shizzle.