Monday, October 12, 2009

video: Julian Lynch "Seed"

"Orange You Glad"

Seeds are the essence of life. Without them, both literally and figuratively, growth would be impossible. Seeds are sown. Seeds grow, sprout, blossom and bloom. Before long, they roam. They settle. Plant themselves in the fine Earth, and begin the cycle once again. It is infinite. Without it, Earth would look like a more desolate Moon. Julian Lynch knows this. As does visual artist Amy Ruhl, who produced the metamorphic clip (above) for "Seed," a trip back in time that is way more akin to the Earth sprouting Garden of Eden/Dinosaurs visual than the Run-DMT jam I described as such the other day. Either way, if this is what Earth looked like when it was developing, than I'm definitely hoping for an apocalypse (I've got fall out shelter booked), if and only if for the chance to see the world bloom again.

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