Friday, October 9, 2009

new: Semya & Run DMT


Baltimore's always churning out weirdo sample based stuff, but it seems like a new crop of psych explorers are really stepping out from the crowd. Talked about Happy Family a few months back, and now his compadres Semya and Run DMT are making serious moves in candy flipping realm. Loopy and cosmic, rhythmic and glitchy, Semya mixes Peruvian pan flute grooves with dripping BMSR synths and extra driving drumbeats that Dan Snaith would probably dig on. "It's the Sun" is so freaky, Tim & Eric should make a video for it consisting entirely of Apocalypse Now footage. Should also note that the backlooped, freak glitch going on in "Ninja Smoke" is a tweakers dream/nightmare, depending on the night.

Run DMT, as their name suggests, is seriously blissed out. We're talking venturing thousands of years back in time at the creation of the Earth and chilling with Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden type shit. I think you can hear water being birthed at one point in "Ramona." Run DMT's first "influence" on MySpace is "weed." "good_folks" is some of the most hypnotic hymnal shit I've ever heard, literally the choir at the first caveman church service. Highly recommend indulging in Run DMT's The Life Erotic muxtape before heading out to explore the weekend. Semya's as well.


Will said...

I love weed

Anonymous said...

its actually just one guy....