Tuesday, October 27, 2009

video: Pill Wonder at the Delancy- CMJ

"And They Look You In The Eye"

One of the most enjoyable parts about CMJ is getting to hear some of your favorite acts from far away for the first time. While Pill Wonder were in town for the UP Late SUMMR Showcase in August, it was only Dana and Will who arrived, fleshing out the live band with former Olympia, WA resident Martin Courtenay and UP mainstay's Ari Stern and Mike Mimoun. That night, drunk as hell, I asked Dana and Will to come back for CMJ, despite not having a show lined up. A week or so later, I emailed Dana with a few specifics, some dates, a venue, etc. He later informed me that the entire Pill Wonder collective, all seven Pacific Northwest raggamuffins, would make the cross country flight to grace us with their shambolic, tribe of good kids from small town vibes. This c. axel capture from the Delancey show on Friday night finds Pill Wonder playing "Gone to Market," a tune not too out of step with the homespun, ragged jubilance often associated with the Elephant 6 collective. It's a feel good tune, with glockenspiel, a whole bunch of synchronized "oohs" and some surfy riffs that'll sure to brighten this dreadfully rainy day. Make sure to check the Chocolate Bobka Takes on CMJ channel on Vimeo for hot shots from Ray Concepcion, Pixelwhorse and le Bobka. (Elise has a pretty dope Frat Dad vid in their, also from the Delancey. Four words- Doritos: Late Night Taco.)


Frances Eloisa said...

my boys are really doing it

Unknown said...

seriously... why did I have a bag of Doritos: Late Night Taco shoved into my jeans when I woke up the next morning? I mean I've had worse morning revelations, but still... one wonders.

Julian Lynch said...