Monday, November 2, 2009

new: Boneless

A week ago I hadn't heard of Boneless. However, this morning I awoke to an email from the artist, a glowing post on Friendship Bracelet, and a mornings worth of blissed out chill-ish so warm and gooey I've forgotten all about the giant bump/gash on my forehead. An Uncontrollable Urge called it "sweet acid magic," while Ian at FB.US likened it to being lost at sea, the magical part, not the scary "hungry sharks are surrounding me" part. I'd agree with both, while also noting that "Better," my personal favorite of the Boneless cuts (so far), reminds me of the duality of getting stoned for the first time in the backyard with friends. Stuff warbles, ya can't stop coughing, tree's sway a bit differently, you wanna laugh but your also feeling really introspective, a car cruises by and it feels like fate. And then it's over, and fades, sort of like a dream that your trying to remember, but can't seem to put into words. It's in that mystique that Boneless shines, as "Better" literally just made me forget what I've been doing this morning.

Listen to it here, then use whatever you kids use these days to rip song tunes from MySpace.

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Paula Encinoso Brito said...

hi! IM DESESPERATELY searching for the post to download the c86 mix tapes! ive seen youve posted them some time ago, but now its no longer available, i dont know why! i cant find them so if you can post them again it would be cool! thank you.