Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bobkast #28: Daydreaming of Topless Sunbathers

"Smoke My Reefer In The Bathroom"
I've lived in a lot of places and all of them have had watering holes. In Connecticut, it was the sound. North Carolina, the creek. New Jersey, the lake. Upstate NY, the rope swing river. Louisiana, the gulf. Wyoming, the Snake River. Yet, despite being an island, NYC just doesn't have any swimming hole worthy waterways.

And so, instead, we head to the roof. Kiddie pools can be purchased at the Polish grocery store near the park. Coolers are hauled up ladders, extension cords thrown like grappling hooks from fire escapes in order to power up the boom box. Unfortunately, we don't have a hose, so we have to fill the kiddie pool with Dixie Cups. Hopefully it won't take more than three hours. Our beach chairs set up, lemonade in hand and feet soaking in the lukewarm kiddie pool water, we doze off into a sea of daydreams...

... The crisp sparkle of the Mediterranean glistening like fresh glaze on a sour cream doughnut. North Africans kicking the football in the sand. A few french girls playing kadima. Thousands of beautiful topless women soaking up the sun. Its just enough to make you forget that you are on a roof in North Greenpoint across the street from a stone importer-exporter and down the block from the glowing blue phosphoressence of the Newtown Creek Water Treatment Facility.

It's not much, but it's all we got.

Bobkast #28: Daydreaming of Topless Sunbathers
1. Marconi Notaro- Oh, Greedy Life
2. Atlas Sound- Walkabout (featuring Noah Lennox)
3. Javelin- Tell Me What It Will Be? (Take Two)
4. WAVVES- Mickey Mouse (demo)
5. Erawan Band- Khan Muangkhan
6. St. Augustin & his Rovers Dance Band- Onwu Ana Dike
7. Os Brazoes- Gotham City
8. Surfs- Ti Ser S Mi Baby
9. Cass McCombs- Dreams Come True Girl (featuring Karen Black)
10. Magic Kids- Hey Boy
11. Fool's Gold- Surprise Hotel
12. Derrick Laro & Trinity- Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
13. DJ Kaod- Love The Night Away (TieDye remix)
14. Major Lazer- Can't Stop Me Now (featuring Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell)
15. Madlib- The Sky (Beyond Sight)
16. Alex Bleeker & the Freaks- Summer Song->Epilogue (Live)
17. Box Elders- Death of Me
18. Beach Fossils- Lazy Day
19. Real Estate- Green River->Suburban Beverage
20. Fresh & Onlys- Peacock & Wing
21. Ganglians- Cryin' Smoke

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jj said...

oh hell yeah

moogie said...

these are the best.

Anonymous said...

where did box elders "death of me" come from? where can i get it?