Friday, July 24, 2009

mix: Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

"Baby Doo"
Friendship Bracelet has been killing it lately with lots of hazy, washed out bong jams perfect for summer camp. Not only has Jeff been crushing it on the blog, but his radio show, Auditory Audio, on WMUA, has featured hot jams from the likes of Julian Lynch, Universal Studios Florida and Sun Araw. Not exactly sure what his connection with the Underwater People's crew is but he's definitely getting a boat load of exclusives from peeps like Family Portrait, Sad City and the aforementioned Julian Lynch, whose "Waiting Music" is the acoustic cure all for hangovers, jetlag, broken hearts, broken ribs and terminal boredom. (Lynch is really developing his Mothersbaugh-esque craft and it's mega-exciting, at least to me.) This Friendship Bracelet Club Drop starts and ends with woozy head trips by Dem Hunger, and also features Bobka-favorite Norse Horse up in the middle of this ish. Trying to have fun this weekend? Between this and this, you should have enough motivation.

In addition to this mix, Friendship Bracelet also has a few stanking new Pill Wonder jawns for download here. One of the freshest blogs out there, get on it kids.

Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

1. Dem Hunger - Bathtub Birth
2. Julian Lynch - Waiting Music
3. Big Troubles - Drastic and Difficult
4. Shahs - Ben Brockway
5. Sad City - Pulsars [Bottom Layer]
6. Norse Horse - Needle Beach
7. Paralyze Humanity Sequence - Hammock
8. Family Portrait - Babyskins
9. Fluffy Lumbers - Live Ones
10. Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer
11. Wonder Wheel - Boston
12. Bad Autopsy - Formal Invite
13. LA - Melodie's In Her Room
14. Jeans Wilder - Something In The Way (Nirvana cover)
15. Kitchen's Floor - Kitchen's Floor
16. Dem Hunger - Holly Shit

Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

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