Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mp3: The Skygreen Leopard

"Disciples of California"
While the Skygreen Leopards are set to release a new album on JagJaguwar, I'm currently digging on their 2006 release Disciples of California thanks to those bitches over at Butter Face, who dubbed the ode to the Sunshine State one of "8 albums to help keep you cool this summer." If anything can be said about the Skygreen Leopards its that they have done their homework in the paisley department, so much so that it can be hard to find anything but nostalgic glee and worry in their sedated, sun burnt voices. "Disciples of California," in name alone, eerily sums up the Skygreen Leopards aesthetic, as if the band miraculously used their vintage VW convertible to transport themselves back to the Laurel Canyon scene. While that might sound a little biting (and rather cliche), as an East Coaster whose spent very little time in California, I tend to believe that the mythology and ethos of the free willing Southern California seventies lives on, albeit in patches and nooks, in the state's native spirit. The Skygreen Leopard's MySpace describes them as "California's family band" and in that apt description their sound is summed up.

If you find yourself in (or going to) San Francisco on July 11th, the Skygreen Leopard will play a record release party at Amnesia. Their new album, Gorgeous Johnny, hits shelves July 21st.

The Skygreen Leopards- Disciples of California
The Skygreen Leopards- Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass

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