Friday, July 10, 2009

video: Holiday Shores on FADER

"Searching For My Native Tongue"

Shot on a day when Holiday Shores played three gigs, a night after playing one, after a day of driving 24 hours North from Tallahassee, this FADER Open Bar feels sorta like your friends band playing a "kegs and eggs" set where all in attendance are equally foggy with last night's dreams and dilemmas and the only thing that can get one through the day is a cold pint. I've made it known that Holiday Shores Columbus'd The Whim seem to have been crafted in a sort of FUBU way; for day drinkers, by day drinkers. Fortunately, unlike most of us who tend to pass out around 7 after too much sun and too much gin, Holiday Shores just keep going. They must be immune to UV rays, or have a prescription to 5 Hour Energy. Whatever it is, it's enough to keep me going the rest of the summer.

Columbus'd The Whim comes out August 4th on two syllable records. Holiday Shores should be back in NYC at the end of August for a summer blow out.

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Anonymous said...

sorry but this sounds out of tune and just not that good...