Wednesday, July 29, 2009

album: Liam the Younger

"Tomorrow Will Be Good Too"
"One day I'll leave here never to come back."

It's something anyone whose ever read Dharma Bums or longed for a box car life has dreamt. The urge to run, escape in the dark dark night and ride the rails, the stars glistening on the steel below, shimmering on stand still creeks marked with dry brush. It's a feeling as uniquely American as huckleberry jam, and as haunting as the first time you hear the legend of Bloody Mary. Even in a world moving at a broadband pace, the idea of getting off the grid and never coming home, ever finding a home, or even trying to define "home," is not fleeting. It's ingrained in the spirit of the lonely wanderer searching for a quiet place to rest his head and an untouched piece of the world. Discover, observe, and leave behind. All of this, and so much more (a miner's cough, the warmth of bottled bourbon in your belly, smoke thick in lungs), can be found in the songs of Liam The Younger, whom you might recognize from his contributions to the Underwater Peoples compilation. Rather than sum up the sounds of summer, Liam's "Country Wide" and "This Land Pt.1" instead conjure images of Guthrie on the plain and migrant workers battling for a better life. It's desperate and lonely and makes me long to rid myself of city life, in exchange for a lean-to, a lamp and a can of beans.

Liam The Younger has two albums available for free download on Brave Men Run. Both are linked to below.

Liam The Younger's After The Grave

(“Passed through a graveyard. Fifteen songs about my mind and my surroundings.”)
Liam The Younger's Clear Skies Over Black River
(“Written alone. Recorded alone. ‘Slumber punk’”)


Starkny said...

Sick - I love his tracks on that comp. I'll probably post on this in the morning and grab these albums tonight!

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