Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mp3: Universal Studios Florida "Frozen Bayou"

"Ocean Sunbirds"
While their MySpace says the group resides in Seattle, I'd like to think of Universal Studios Florida as being birthed in the swampy confines of the Everglades. The same exact place Susan Orlean and John Laroche killed Donald Kaufman, in the arms of his brother Charlie in Adaptation. It's all dank and gooey, sort of in a DJ Screw kinda way (although all that nasti-DXM sludge is present), but more appropriately, in a tribal way. It's almost as if Universal Studios Florida wasn't even an amusement park, rather ancient tribe consisting of descendants of Juan Ponce de Leon's crew, Seminoles and thousands of slaves shipped in from Africa, and subsequently, the West Indies. Primitive in its joy, and cosmic in its intention, "Frozen Bayou," which features Alaska, sounds more like a hyper-mystical, post-apocalyptic pray for good surf and a healthy harvest than anything that could be simply described as "really druggy."

Universal Studios Florida- Frozen Bayou (featuring Alaska)

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