Monday, July 6, 2009

mp3: Best Coast "Up All Night"

"Here I Am"
You don't have a job. You wake up at noon daily and watch re-runs of Chappelle's Show your girlfriend DVR'd before leaving her apartment. The next logical move is to get coffee. But you hate coffee...unless your stoned. So you head to the bathroom, pack a bowl, puff and exhale into the exhaust fan, in fear that your girlfriend's ninety-year old neighbor, and her beloved dog Foxy, may catch a whiff of your ganj. You ash the bowl in the toilet, think about brushing your teeth and leave....

...Then, just as the door closes, you realize you left your keys and your phone in her bedroom. Stoned and without 21st century communications tools, you wander until Best Coast's "Up All Night" creeps into your psyche and your girlfriend gets home from work.

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Best Coast- Up All Night (Mediafire link) (via No Conclussion)

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