Monday, July 20, 2009

mp3: Candy Claws "Snow Bear River Fire"

"Snowflake Eel Wish"
Brian from two syllable records recently turned me on to Candy Claws brand of kaleidoscopic, jack-in-the-box tunes and I gotta say, as weird as they are, their pretty damn inebriating. "Snow Bear River Fire," in particular, gets under your skin like a leach, but rather than sucking your blood, Candy Claws inject the listener with tie-dyed sugar water, making your bloodstream look and feeel as if it was copped from the set of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Candy Claws have released a bunch of handmade cassettes and CD-R's, and like any band with really good tunes and really good art, each release seems to be beyond sold out. Hopefully something new will pop soon.

Candy Claws- Snow Bear River Fire

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