Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mp3: Dan Deacon at Primavera Sound

"I Got A Rattle Snake Gun"
Admittedly, I'm not a big Dan Deacon fan. Spiderman of the Rings had some choice schizo-freak-out jams but didn't seem to garner repeat listens. I saw Mr. Deacon once a few years back at the Judson Church on Mischief Night, part of a NY Mag scavenger hunt-slash-costume party-open bar, which, for better or worse, also included Chromeo (meh). That night was fun, but I sort-of figured I'd had my "Dan Deacon Experience." That said, Wham City's Mayor had his way with the late-night crowd at Primavera Sound. Not only did he clear the floor, start a "dance off" and provide constant dance-move instruction, but he also managed to conduct a fifteen person ensemble. The ensemble is tight, and I mean tight like a husky dude wearing girls jeans tight, and provided a much needed depth to Deacon's electronics work, which, on its own, just isn't as powerful as fifteen musicians banging away. Fortunately for those not in attendance, the fine folks at WFMU recorded the show and are now hosting it on their recently launched Free Music Archive. Snag it here.

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