Thursday, June 11, 2009

tonight: Ducktails & Julianna Barwick

"You Can Find Me At The Mall"
(photo by thepiratehat)
The first show I plan on catching at the inaugural Northside Festival might be the show I'm most excited for; Ducktails and Julianna Barwick at Cameo. Both artists, who I've written about in the past, create ethereal post-gaze soundscapes capable of transporting one to an island, a cloud or some near-purgatorial state where angels feed you grapes from the vine. While Ducktails is often noted for his beach-y atmospherics, I find that his loopy ambience is equally as fitting for a misty, cloudy night like tonight. Ducktails is back in the US after a lengthy European tour, and the release of his Not Not Fun self-titled debut LP, which, if you haven't heard already, is ideal for curing summer hangovers and will come in handy really soon when the garbage starts to stank. Think of it as the poor man's air conditioning.

After Ducktails, Ms. Julianna Barwick, who began singing in her father's church in Oklahoma, will take the stage for a set of tunes, which will hopefully cull from the phenomenal Sanguine and the recently released Florine, which will be out soon in physical form (pre-order here). The show is curated by Men & Women, who are playing after Barwick, but if I didn't know any better I'd say I had a hand in putting this one on, as the pairing is right up my alley. See ya at Cameo!

Ducktails- Live on WFMU
Julianna Barwick- Cloudbank

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