Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mix: Bomb The Moon

"In Heaven, Everything Is Fine"
As reported by the Scientific American, NASA will bomb the moon. Seriously. While 1108 people (and counting) would lead you to believe that the moon "sucks" and "needs to be blown up", NASA actually has a pretty decent reason for the bombing: to test and see if water vapor lies under the surface of the moon. If water vapor does exist, it would basically mean that we can set up a base station, aka human colony, on the moon. As one who has been clogging his piggy bank for 25 years in order to take a trip to the moon, I fully support NASA bombing the big circle in the sky. But still, gotta be nerve wrecking to be the guy who presses the button and causes mass destruction. This mix is for that dude– no pressure, none whatsoever.

Bomb The Moon Mix
Spiritualized- Electric Mainline [blast off]
Simian Mobile Disco- Octet (Deerhunter vs. SMD) [enter the atmosphere]
Cold Cave- Our Tears Help The Flowers Grow [begin 'moon bomb' focus]
Crocodiles- I Wanna Kill [the moon must be destroyed]
Electric Prunes- Get Me To The World On Time [anxiety sets in]
Chavez- Unreal Is Here [am i really gonna blow up the moon?]
Pixies- Monkey Gone To Heaven [shut up, it's just the moon. do it already]
Zola Jesus- Lady In The Radiator [calm down. listen to the turbines]
Fever Ray- If I Had A Heart (Instrumental) [set the coordinates. its time]
Flying Lotus- Orbit 405 [5...4...3...2...1]
My Bloody Valentine- Only Shallow [BOOM!]
Mogwai- Thank You Space Expert [a hundred million pieces burst into space]
Emeralds- Up In The Air [moon rock dances with the stars]
Kurt Vile- Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics) [an ode to the moon- R.I.P.]
Charalambides- Memory [remember that time the moon winked at us?]
Antony & the Johnsons- Another World [oh, god, what have i done?!]
Julianna Barwick- Sunlight, Heaven [goodbye cruel world]

DL: Bomb The Moon Mix (PC: Right Click + Save; Mac: Option + Click)

Georges Melies Le voyage dans la lune. One of the best ever.

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