Friday, June 5, 2009

live: Holiday Shores @ Spin; Tonight at Shea Stadium

"Put Your Toes In Now"
Playing in a large, cleared office with full length, open windows while posuer-artiste's mingle, drink Michelob Ultra and discuss some seriously hein-dog high school abstracts might not sound like an ideal place to play, but I guess no one told Holiday Shores. The Tallahassee band, whose been in town all week and has been receiving some nice press, played an incredibly effervescent set of refined bedroom jams better suited for backyard BBQ's, where playing washers and drinking really cold, really cheap beer is one's only pre-occupation. That said, the band made the best of their surroundings, aka the Spin Magazine office, by harnessing pure, unadulteratd fun and succesfully flipping any self-important NYC bullshit on its bum. In short, they were great, and their songs sound as good, possibly even better, live– and yes, they were playing with a minimalist drum set, were down a keyboard and some other magic gadgets. Holiday Shores finish their week in NYC tonight with a show at the new Shea Stadium. Originally, this was going to be Holiday Shores and a few others, but with rain putting a damper on Hillstock, the band will be joined by the likes of Michael Jordan, and the Screaming Females, amongst many other Hillstock acts, whose outdoor festival has been moved, you guessed it, indoors.

Holiday Shores will release Columbus'd the Whim on two syllable records on August 4th.

Holiday Shores-Phones Don't Feud (via Fader)

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