Friday, June 19, 2009

mp3: Sandbar/ Suntime

"For Once Stars Were Aligned"
Crafting hazey, blissful morning music, Sandbar's tunes feel like waking up at the beach in April, or September, long before, or after the Benny's have come and gone. Soothing and iridescent, "Fresh Life" is the glare of the weary rising sun reflecting off the ocean. It's low tide, so what better time to take a walk out into the water. When the sun is fully awake, it's time to run the outdoor shower and start slanging italian ice. (You may recognize this one from the most recent Bobkast, #27: Polaroids at the Beach.)

"Fresh Life" is the first jam from Sandbar, aka Evan Wyss, who also plays in Suntime with brother Kyle Wyss, who is plays in Blind Man's Colour and also records under the Chromatic Flights moniker. (Lots of heady shit going on in Florida right now.)

In comparison to "Fresh Life", Suntime's "My City's Dead" is a lush lullaby, an ode to sleepy neighborhood's basking in the amber glow of lonely street lamps. It's a sort of stoner's lament, complete with droney warbles, boings, tambourine's, and whispery mantras– a song hypothetically crafted in a candle lit, screened in porch after a ouiji-seance.

While neither Suntime nor Sandbar have officially released anything, Chromatic Flights has three EP's (through Monotonix) available for free download on, and Blind Man's Colour will release Season Dreaming (Kanine Records) on August 18th, but if you pre-order the LP now, they'll send you the mp3's asap. (Take a listen here.)

Sandbar- Fresh Life

Suntime- My City's Dead