Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mp3: His Clancyness

"So Bored"

This morning, just after a coffee/Norse Horse session, I stumbled upon His Clancyness' cover of Wavves "So Bored" on Pitchfork. Barely awake, I thought the lethargic surf sludge of the cover went nicely with the narcotic, submarine whirls of Norse Horse's "Swamp Trotter", but didn't think much else. Until, shortly thereafter, Jonathan Clancyness, aka His Clancyness, sent me an email saying:
"I'm err....His Clancyness
this tune's got a Nite Jewel sample in it...
you might like it.
that's about it.
Indeed, I do. "Nothing and Nowhere To Go" is the sort of slow-motion, stairwell crooning you'd expect to hear echoing from the darkness on the G line near Nassau Ave. Twisted and fuzzy like a bored kid with a package of coricidin, "Nothing and Nowhere To Go" is the embodiment of its title, as if the tune emerged fully formed from a string of lazy afternoons spent trying to kill hapless boredom. Keep an eye on this guy, whose been touring with Women and Banjor or Freakout, both of whom are seemingly influences, though Banjo or Freakout's dub-folk vibe is more representative of His Clancyness' style.

His Clancyness released a cassette (above) on Super Furry Hole in February, but it appears to be sold out. If you happen to live in Italy, try and catch him at a show and bug him about it.

His Clancyness- Nothing and Nowhere To Go

His Clancyness- So Bored (Wavves cover) (via P4K)


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