Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mp3: Dylan Shearer "Dailydoms"

"All Over The Sea"
Encompassing the hypothetical image of Ray Davies driving a dilapidated soap box up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, Dylan Shearer sounds world like some Benjamin Button/Jack man-child– world weary, wide-eyed, ambitious, and yet, despite being an "adult," life is filtered through the half-cocked lens of an all-seeing, all knowing young boy fascinated with caterpillars and salamanders. All the youthful sentiment, love and whispery idealism is wrapped up in a mere 1:25 on "Dailydoms", one of the finest tracks I've heard all summer.

Planted/Plants was released by Yik Yak in a handnumbered set of 100 LP's and is long since sold out. However, the tracks are available for download on iTunes and Amazon, and, according to his MySpace page, if you email Mr. Shearer he will send you a copy on CD-R.

Dylan Shearer- Dailydoms