Thursday, June 18, 2009

news: Miracle Fortress Readying 2 Releases

"This Thing About You"
(photo by my buffalo heart)
It's June so you can bet that I've been revisiting Miracle Fortress' phenomenal, and frankly, criminally underrated debut Five Roses. Released on Secret City over two years ago, Five Roses is the embodiment of woozy, Beach Boys influenced experimental pop. Careening harmonies, loopy sound collages and ethereal dreamscapes, encased inside the glowing orb of young love and idealism, Graham Van Pelt truly crafted a wondrous record, one that has yet to have been issued on wax. (Why?!) Anyway, I randomly went to Miracle Fortress' MySpace this morning and noticed a note from Mr. Van Pelt giving a few clues to the acts next release.
hi everybody,
new stuff is coming into the light. working very hard at finishing one or two records/ things this summer -- hope to see you soon
sorry it's been so long
There you have it folks, looks like we can expect some new output from the majestic Montreal group in the not so distant future. In the meantime, if you can find the bands limited to 200 7", I highly recommend picking it up (and snagging one for me too!) They might be sold out, as Rough Trade doesn't seem to have them anymore, but you never know. Until then, enjoy this.

Miracle Fortress "Maybe Lately" video

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