Thursday, December 18, 2008

cover: Tallest Man on Earth "These Days"

"I've Stopped My Rambling"

(Photo by Karl Gunnarsson)
We've discussed "These Days" before and probably don't need to go into details about a song that is adored by nearly everyone whose ears are lucky enough to hear it. However, last week, The Tallest Man on Earth helped revive a song that, while still very much adored, has sort of become ubiquitous in the post-Royal Tenenbaums world. The Tallest Man on Earth's version is true to the original. To be honest, I can't really note any real difference between his cover and the many that have been recorded over the past 30+ years. Regardless, his version was quite moving, and a lovely segue into a magical set from Bon Iver. I enjoyed it so much that I picked up The Tallest Man on Earth's Shallow Grave after the show and it's proving to be a great mid-December album, perfect for the looming transition into Winter. Plus, it really compliments the smell of Nova Scotian pine (ie. the Canadian Christmas tree in my living room). Peep Hooves on the Turf's video of his performance below.

Tallest Man on Earth: These Days (cover) from hoovesontheturf.

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