Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we saw: of Montreal at MHoW

"Escape From Patterns Your Parents Designed"

(photo by Diana Wong)
After the freak-show that was the Roseland, we couldn't wait to catch Elephant 6-turned-neuvo Funk sexpots Of Montreal at the more intimate, and way closer to home, Music Hall of Williamsburg. While theatrics were certainly in toe, as they have been for the entire Skeletal Lampings tour, last nights show was incredibly toned down compared to its October counterpart. Sure, I would've been ecstatic to watch Kevin Barnes hang himself on stage again only to be re-born as a centaur and I sort of missed all the freaky Gold John McCain orgies, but what they left out in terms of theatrics, they multiplied with music. Last night's show was roughly 2+ hours of sweaty FNK, complete with Lampings gems like "Gallery Piece" and Hissing Fauna jams "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger", "She's A Rejector" and, of course, "Gronlandic Edit." Flalling limbs, booty grinding, head banging, singing from the bottom of your heart, all the signs of a band/crowd with soul power. The haters, well, they ain't got no soul power. My only revelation last night, besides deciding that in my next life I'd like to be a gold painted Buddha, is that Kevin Barnes must run the stairs of High School Football stadiums for hours in order to dictate/direct/keep up with the massive Jazzercize on Acid disco carnival he's created. It's truly a beautiful thing.

UPDATE: NYCTAPER has the show up for download, with complete setlist, et all. Continuously crushing it. God bless. Of Montreal 12/16/08 Music Hall of Williamsburg

(photo by Diana Wong)

(photo by Diana Wong)

(photo by Diana Wong)

Of Montreal "Plastic Wafers" 10/10/08


nyctaper said...

I posted a complete setlist and of course the recording a short time ago:

McG said...

godspeed. what would we do without you?!