Friday, December 19, 2008

classix: Cymande

Appropriate for the holidays, Cymande (pronounced sah-mahn-day) is derived from the calypso word for dove, signifying peace and love. The name is fitting since most of their members originally hailed from Caribbean islands like Guyana, Jamaica, and St. Vincent. This seemingly forgotten nonet of 70's self-taught British funk-a-holics released only three albums, all in the span of two years, before calling it quits.

And what happens to nearly all forgotten funk bands? They get sampled 20 years later. You might recognize Cymande from Spike Lee's Crooklyn, the Fugees title track from The Score, or De La Soul's "Change in Speak" from 3-Feet High And Rising.

Cymande - Bra [from their 1972 self-titled debut]

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