Tuesday, December 2, 2008

live: Fleet Foxes

"In The Quivering Forest"

Still not on the Fleet Foxes bandwagon? Try this Nigel Godrich produced, recorded and engineered live version of "Blue Ridge Mountains" on for size. It fits wayyy better than that itchy sweater your great Aunt Ada gave you last Christmas, and the Christmas before that. In fact, it fits so well, you'll never want to take it off. Ever. You can marvel at the video, soon to be shown on IFC, here, but we know your going to want to take this one with you, so grab the mp3 below. Ripped by yours truly. And May the wind always be at your back...

Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains (Live in Nigel Godrich's Basement)

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jyeh92 said...

great site. have been looking for this forever...any chance to get the link working again?