Friday, December 12, 2008

upcoming: Grouper & Kria Brekkan

"I'd Rather Fall In A Tidal Wave"

Last night I found out at that the Silent Barn will be hosting one helluva show this Sunday. The venerable Ridgewood, Queens DIY performance space will showcase the quiet sounds of Kria Brekkan (mum, kria & avey tare) and Portland's absolutely enchanting Grouper, whose Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill is showing up on a lot of year-end lists, and with good reason. Liz Harris, the brains and body behind Grouper, has truly captured the essence of night on Dragging A Dead Deer..., so much so that I often wake up unable to distinguish my dreams from reality. For this, I thank you Liz Harris. If you are doing anything this Sunday, besides watching the Giants dominate the Cowgirls, I suggest going to this show. Do it for the sake of your dreams. For fans of Julianna Barwick, Eno and Stars of the Lid.

Kria Brekkan "bee xlaura"

Grouper- Heavy Water/ I'd Rather Be Sleeping

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