Wednesday, December 10, 2008

we saw: Beach House

"If Not Now, Not Ever"

Beach House's performance on a humid Tuesday night in December felt like a warm winter's night at the shore. Victoria Legrand's dream inducing vocals were whistful and haunting, playing the romantic counterpart to Alex Scally's sorrowful fret work. To be honest, I was surprised at how much energy the Baltimore duo brought on stage, as songs from both Beach House and Devotion felt more "alive" than on record, managing to transform the ethereal haze that envelopes their studio records into something that felt akin to a leisurely jaunt through Purgatory during a blizzard. Unquestionable highlights were Devotion standout "Heart of Chambers", which show'd off Scally's understated axe work and exquisite tone, as well as "Used To Be", the phenomenal new single the band released a few weeks back. Contemplative, romantic, dreamy and warm, all the things you'd expect to get from Beach House in the middle of December.

Beach House- Holy Dances (Live from Juan's Basement)

Beach House "Gila"

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