Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new music: Deastro

Sky High Anthems
Making a strong case for label of the year, Ghostly International's newest release, Deastro's debut album Keepers, is an overwhelmingly strong collection of singles and basements tapes similar to LCD Soundsystem's debut, only rather than packaging it with a second disc of new material, Deastro plans to release a new album, Moondagger, in January.

Sonically disparate from LCD, Deastro's songs are textured and complex and cover a melange of genres while still maintaining a central aesthetic. They would be perfect touring with fellow Ghostly-mates School of Seven Bells (hint hint) or School of Seven Bells tour-mates M83, or Peter Bjorn & John, who have no relationship with any of them.

Keepers is available only through digital download. It's a shame, because the digital download is well worth the $10--Keepers deserves a proper release.

from Ghostly's description of Keepers:
All of this genre-hopping — shy synth-pop to instrumental robot-rock, whisper-soft ballads to sky-high anthems — would be nothing if not for Chabot’s deliriously fizzy production and soft-focus melodies. Keepers is like that three-eyed space cat: a strange amalgamation of an artist’s various obsessions, disjointed but held together by sheer force of will, coming from humble origins but belying grand ambitions of beauty, positivity, and imagination.
ED Note: Speaking of Ghostly, they just posted this incredibly 90's, betamax crushing suburban “Triple Chrome Dipped" banger from label signee Michna, who you may recognize for his work on Bonde Do Role's WIth Lasers.

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