Tuesday, March 18, 2008

nu musick: Diskjokke

More great electronic music from Scandinavia

We first heard Oslo, Norway-based producer Diskjokke featured on the fantastic (and criminally underrated) Sunkissed mix last year, but it wasn't until recently that we were re-introduced to his novel take on the space disco sound. Using the laid-back, bongo-infused vibe of space disco as his template, Disjokke works in elements of German tech-house and French electro to give his music a unique sound and appeal.

Essentially, he has taken my three favorite sub-genres of electronic music and seamlessly blended them together to create some awesome tunes that sound equally as great on a pair of headphones as they do blasting from large stereo speakers. Fans of Lindstrom, Kompakt, and Ed Banger will all find something to like in Diskjokke's music.

Stream the opening track off of Staying In, Diskjokke's debut LP

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