Wednesday, March 26, 2008

coming to town: Tyler Ramsey

"What were you swimming away from?"
Last fall a good friend of mine from Wyoming turned me on to acoustic wunder-pluck Tyler Ramsey after being mesmerized by Ramsey's preternatural fretwork at a Band of Horses show in Bozemen, Montana. He was right. Ramsey, a native of Asheville, NC, has an incredibly simple, yet elegant way with a guitar, as if he's not playing the instrument, but it's playing itself (see video below). His playing is so subtle that one of our cohort's didn't think much of him when we saw Band of Horses on Valentine's Day (Tyler plays lead for BoH). Regardless, Ramsey's blend of Leo Kottke-like finger picked folk gems and high mountain balladry is as soothing as a snifter Kentucky bourbon (or a spliff) after a long day of work. Ideal for Sunday mornings.

In January Ramsey released his first solo effort, A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea, a record as majestic as its name suggests. Tyler will be coming to New York for an intimate show at Joe's Pub on April 13th. We highly recommend attending as who knows how much time he'll have off from his gig with Band of Horses.

Tyler Ramsey- A Long Dream
Tyler Ramsey- No One Goes Out

"A Long Dream" Live at Echo Mountain Studios

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