Sunday, March 2, 2008

we saw: Environ Bar Mitzvah

Jewish Disco, ya heard?

After checking out the ultra-hip, brightly-colored extravaganza put on by DFA at the MoMA, we headed to Studio B to check in with one of our other favorite labels, Environ Records, who were celebrating their 13th year anniversary with a Bar Mitzvah to make their mothers proud.

We walked in just in time to catch the start of Kelley Polar's set and were immediately taken with his unique brand of electro-pop. (Take the best parts of Chromeo and Junior Boys and blend it together with the funky disco elements of Metro Area and you are left with Kelley Polar.) Following a brief stand-up comedy routine featuring Environ founder Morgan Geist and head Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan, Metro Area got behind the decks and spun the hottest disco you've never heard until the early morning hours.

Kelley Polar's new album is available on iTunes right now and will be in stores this week. Check out a few tracks at his MySpace and also be sure to have a listen to a live Metro Area set from 2003 that is one of our favorites. PS- that is in fact Mr. Morgan Geist himself featured in the above photo. Lookin' sharp.

Kelley Polar MySpace
Metro Area- Live @ 10 Days Off, July 2003

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