Wednesday, March 19, 2008

collaboration: Of Montreal & MGMT are Blikk Fang

"I Ain't No Goddamn Son of a Bitch"

Sometimes trolling the Internets really pays off. Like yesterday, when Mort stumbled upon this fascinating press release, which subsequently led to me finding this redonkulous PureVolume page for Blikk Fang (formerely Ocelot Fang), the musical collaboration of Of Montreal ringleader Kevin Barnes and MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden.
Aveh Tiger Roma is the first EP from Blikk Fang, the top-secret side project of Kevin Barnes (from Of Montreal) and Andrew VanWyngarden (from MGMT). Scheduled to be released in August 2008, it will be followed by the full album early next year.

"Displaying all the electro-pop mastery of their most recent albums, Aveh Tiger Roma takes it in a more cutting, harder edged direction.

The opening '(Just A Little) Judas Tonic', is a fuck all anthem to rival MGMT's 'Time To Pretend', beginning with some drum machine bleaker than anything
the parent bands have done, and growing into a keyboard symphony that earlier material has only pointed to.

'Nupital Eagles Sharpened', a nearly electroclash cover of the Misfits 'Eagles Dare', is a perfect example of their sensibility - keyboards with a punk ethos, stripped down and hard drivingly danceable."

"They've been half-jokingly writing songs for each other for awhile.
Kevin will think of an absurd title and tell Andrew to write a song... and then he does! and vice versa. But now, it will be more collaborative... "
-the late b.p. helium

And we all know the Late B.P. Helium is legit. From the two tracks on PureVolume, we're guessing Barnes and VanWyngarden were drinking Ecstacy milkshakes and eating bowls of raw DMT on their way to '80s night at the local club. Not gonna lie "Nupital Eagle Sharpened", a cover of the Misfits "Where Eagles Dare", is going to be in your head for the rest of the week.

Listen to Blikk Fang HERE

** UPDATE: According to Barnes (via his publicist), he and VanWyngarden are indeed collaborating in a project called Blikk Fang. However, the title Aveh Tiger Roma is "completely bogus" and the songs on the PureVolume page "will definitely not be on it." The pair does have a few songs recorded, with such working titles as "Hypnotic Agents", "Dead Dogs", and "Pleasure Cunt" already cut to tape. But we shouldn't hold our breath, as Barnes says "it's unlikely that anything will get released before the winter of [20]08." (via P4K)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, its a scam. "Just a Little Judas Tonic" is actually an early-era MGMT song called "Just Becuz" off of the EP "We (Don't) Care."
And that Misfits cover has been floating around for years. Some clever little bugger tried to pass off these songs as Blikk Fang, but didn't do it too well.
Can't wait for the real thing!

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