Friday, March 7, 2008

video: El Guincho "Kalise"

This might constitute plagiarism, but it's impossible not to think El Guincho sounds like a lysergic Spanish Sangria made withs tons of fresh fruit, a whole Os Mutantes & a wedge of Panda Bear. Everyone fucking loves it. I could guzzle intoxicating nectar all day, everyday. Guaranted to make Spring and Summer that much better for years to come. El Guincho Alegeranza; get down, ya heard.

If you like tropicalia, bossanova, afrobeat,Canary Islands, steel drums, acid, tribal rhythms, life, sun, loops, dancing, and the beach, then you should buy this right now from Other Music, the exclusive distributor of Alegranza in the States.

It's so on.


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