Friday, March 21, 2008

new mix: Ambient Sleep

"It's our last night together"
A long time ago we posted a sleep mix from the now deceased Knuckles McGregor. Apparently it knocked y'all right into a coma, however, immune systems adapt and that old mix just wasn't doing the trick anymore. Luckily, we're back with a fresh set of new agey dream music, the type of stuff DMT-heads listen to for fun.

Ambient Sleep is almost entirely instrumental, the exception being Vera November's rendition of the late Arthur Russell's "Our Last Night Together". (Although Grizzly Bear's "Granny Diner" does include the absurdist "Why don't you do any dishes? Why?/ I always clean up the kitchen" at the very end of the song.) Also included are some ambient classics by Tangerine Dream and Johan Johannson, a few soon to be classics by Stars of the Lid and Deerhunter, a totally wunderstruck cover of the Loveless jam "What You Want" and some of that eerie magic from There Will Be Blood. If you're having trouble sleeping, or you're simply looking to transcend space and time, this is your soundtrack. Guaranteed sweet dreams.

WARNING: NSFW (You Will Pass Out)

Ambient Sleep Mix
1.Vera November- Our Last Night Together (Arthur Russell Cover)
2. Stars of the Lid- Even if You're Never Awake (Deuxieme)
3. Deerhunter- Red Ink
4. Grizzly Bear- Granny Dinner
5. Japancakes- What You Want (My Bloody Valentine Cover)
6. Taylor Deupree- Untitled 1231
7. Tangerine Dream- Sequent c'
8. Efterklang- Illuminant
9. Johan Johannson- Bao
10. Jonny Greenwood- Prospectors Arrive
11. Klimex- The Ice Storm
12. White Rainbow- Awakening

Ambient Sleep Mix (sendspace link)

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