Wednesday, June 6, 2007


"Prisoner Behind These Xanax Bars"

We LOVE Lil Wayne. So much so that I wrote an analytical paper on his Bush bashing ode to Nawleans "Georgia Bush" in college and one of our contributors, who shall remain nameless, took his girlfriend to the Weezy, Jeezy, Fat Joe, Jim Jones concert for their One Year Anniversary. Romantic, eh? No doubt Young Weezy keeps it hot, hell he's the fucking Fireman! Besides the guy releases an album like every other day, fo' real. Do yourself a favor and download these new Weezy tracks and turn up the hypothetical subwoofer in your hypothetical '97 Civic. It's Weezy!

Ever feel "lonely once the drugs are gone"? Weezy does. "I Feel like Dying," from the forthcoming, Tha Carter III, is Lil Wayne's ode to, well, wanting to die cause the drugs are gone. The track, surely recorded with a gallon of syzurp/purple drank, features poetic stanzas like "Swimming laps around a bottle of Louis the 13th, Jumping off a mountain into a sea of Codeine" and "Playin’ touch football on Marijuana Street, or in a marijuana field, you are so beneath my cleats." His slo-mo drawl of a delivery sounds like he's swallowed a script of Xanax, puffed an L and sucked down a bottle of Nyquil. The ole Bard would be proud. "La La La" is a bit different, sampling children singing "La La La La La." He even gives a shout to the old skool Starter jacket with the logo. We had that too Weez. "Murder she wrote like Angela Lansbury," straight thugging. Also throwing up one of last years best rap songs, "Georgia Bush", from last year's best mixtape, Dedication II. Gangsta Grizzllzz!

Lil Wayne- I Feel Like Dying

Lil Wayne- La La La


Anonymous said...

i see how u feel cuz im bout 2 go 2 1 of his concerts and i f-in luv weezey!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yo! ya thats mi main message!! ya k well all i think is lil waynes music is awsome and hes hott!!!!