Friday, June 8, 2007

Tommy Guerrero

"Golden Gate Indie-Hop"

Tommy Guerrero is no stranger to shredding. When the man is not busting a sicky gnar ollie (or some other absurd skating term) in the park, he can usually be found in the studio ripping it on his guitar. Guerrero has been a professional skateboarder since 1985, but over the years has maintained his passion for music.

Guerrero's music is not afraid to show its San Francisco roots, blending together a variety of sounds that portray a breezy West Coast vibe. It is hard to categorize his music since he is adept at a variety of styles, all of which he layers together with ease. Strains of hip hop, jazz, 'world music', and funk are apparent, but not one single style is overbearing. Categorizations aside, this music begs to be played on a hot, lazy summer day.

Guerrero's latest album, 2006's "From The Soil To The Soul" is available courtesty of Quannum Records.

100 Years (from 2000's "A Little Bit of Somethin'")
Salve (from "...Soil")
1966 (from "...Soil")

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