Wednesday, June 6, 2007

nu musik: M.I.A.

"Galang Galang Galang"

Hallelujah! Rejoice! She's back. A few more new M.I.A. tracks have surfaced from her forthcoming Kala and they KILL. Maybe that's why the U.S. Government still wont let her into our secure homeland. But who cares, no one can stop her from murdering the streets of the intra-web. Proof positive, two new tracks from the best (only) Sri-Lanka via London rap-tress. Kala, her second LP, is set to drop August 21st. Also posting her Timbo collabo, the bonus cut from his Shock Value. Video for "Bird Flu" below. SUMMER 2K7 is jumping off!

M.I.A.- Hit That(Kala 8/21)
M.I.A.- BOYZ(Kala 8/21)

M.I.A. & Timbaland- Come Around (from Presents Shock Value)

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