Saturday, June 23, 2007

ST: Sound Champion (Reissue)

The provenance of Jaylib is something of a storytale...

One upon a time, in a city named Detroit, there lived an MC named J Dilla. Dilla was one of the finest musicians in all the land. Sometime around the turn of the millenium, Dilla's friend DJ House Shoes passed along a copy of Dilla's beats that eventually made its way into the hands of the equally talented Madlib. Madlib toiled and toiled in his lab until he transformed Dilla's beats into beats of his own. Upon hearing these fresh beats, DJ Dilla first cried, "My beats!! What are you doing with my beats? Who do you think you are?" So Madlib calmed Dilla down, and Dilla finally exclaimed, "If you're going to do it, let's do it right. Together we shall make a CD. A CD so great DJ's and producers all over the land will listen and enjoy." Thus became Jaylib, and their album Champion Sound.
In 2003, Stones Throw released Champion Sound, an album made entirely via email between the Dilla and Madlib. The hype was so overwhelming that the album recieved positive yet often unenthusiastic reviews. Four years later, Jay Dee's death has led to a resurgence of his material (no surprise) and the demand for a reissue of Champion Sound was high.

Stones Throw nails it again. The recent reissue of Sound Champion, out last Tuesday, includes 3 unreleased tracks, 9 remixes, and, as always, intrumentals. There isn't much left to say about Champion Sound, except that it sounds as good as it looks.

(On a minor note, The Red and No Games have been re-cut beacuse of sampling issues.)

Jaylib - The Red
Jaylib - The Official (Instrumental)

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EekNasty said...

Look out Sound Champ:
In the not-yet-defined days of morrow, the Game and Weezy will be releasing an email generated tagteam mixtape. The name is "Blood Brothers" - learn it well, for it will be the chilling sound of your doom.