Sunday, June 24, 2007

Daytrotter: Sparrow House

"Strange Reflection"

Fell in love with Jared Van Fleet's debut release, Falls Ep, under the Sparrow House moniker last Fall (duh) after hearing him perform on GorillavsBear's Sirius show . Luckily, Jared is finally getting around to getting some new music out. Television Show EP, the soon to be released (?) follow up EP, in what was intended to be an EP for every season, may see the light of day soon. Winter has passed and Spring quickly gave way to Summer and still no EP. No big deal, as Jared's been hard at work touring the globe with Voxtrot. Peep an untitled song from Sparrow House's and some stuff from Voxtrot over at La Blogotheque's increasingly wonderful Take Away Show series. Also, our friends at Daytrotter recorded some lovely live Sparrow House goodness at SXSW and just posted some tracks free for download. With sites like Daytrotter, GorillavsBear and La Blogotheque , its a wonder I ever get away from the computer. Probably the three best music sites out their.

Sparrow House & Voxtrot Take Away Show
Sparrow House Daytrotter Session


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