Sunday, June 10, 2007

adulterated rock: Chili Cold Blood

"I'm the man...I'm the fuck you up man"

While listening to RHCP’s “Special Secret Song Inside,” a friend once asked me: “Man, how come bands aren’t tight enough to sing about partyin’ on chicks’ pussies anymore?”

A valid question deserves a valid answer, and that answer comes from Austin, TX. This trio (Ethan Shaw - steel geetar, Doug Strahan – fuckin’ geetar and Matt Puryear on tubs) is the Jimmy Beam of bluesy southern rock – spillin’ out the bottle… then straight down your throat till you wince “God-dayyymn.”

Chili Cold Blood’s put out 5 releases on their indie label Blood Chili Records, though every review I’ve seen claims you really gotta catch ‘em live. Unfortunately, they don’t tour much so unless you’re in TX it's just CDs, vinyl (a recent addition) and their myspace page.

The second LP, released in Feb of ’05 is a live show appropriately titled Jesus Comin’…I’m the Fuck You up Man. With tracks like “Baby’s Poppin’ Pills,” and “Don’t Come Talkin’” (…to my .45), this recording pays homage to the first and second ingredients of hard music – takin’ a bunch of shit and then not takin’ anyone’s shit. A little less polished, and straight out the honky-tonk, it shows what you get when you mix Black Sabbath with Johnny Lee Hooker and throw in that funk. The outcome is grimy – in my case it was a handlebar mustache. (No problem though, go with it. Throw out your fitted for a meshback, you’ll realize everything gets a little cooler).

Lips, CBC’s newest release, came out in 2006 and is a tribute to rock n’ roll’s third essential ingredient: pussy. With neither shame nor innuendo, they get to the point on the opening track “Bush to Be In,” carrying the theme through “Black Ass Woman,” and even manage a shout-out to the most under-appreciated part of the female form with “Back Turns into Ass.” The jams are stankier but the sound-quality's cleaner. Either way this one's still lyrically and instrumentally dirty.

Foot-stompin' or foot-jobbin', headbangin' or fingerbangin', summer's here and it's time to sweat. Apparently, Chili Cold Blood's just served rrrrraw – so GET you some at the only place Caulfield: Waterloo Records

Chili Cold Blood - Back Turns Into Ass (zShare)

Chili Cold Blood - The Way She Moans(zShare)

Chili Cold Blood - Flawed MF (zShare)

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