Monday, June 25, 2007

ST: Podcasts

A-Trak and Madlib browsing records

Albums aside, Stones Throw, like many indie labels, thrives on the wealth of unreleased material, singles, B-sides, remixes, and DJ sets that their artists have to offer. Combining all of these elements, Stones Throw's continued to release their series of Podcasts (one every month) available for free download from iTunes. Some of this year's highlights include "Thank You J Dila, Act 2," "Madlib Remixes 1997-2007," and "James Brown: A Tribute."

Anywhere from 22 minutes to over an hour, many of ST's podcasts are simply awesome DJ sets, blending remixes, obscure samples, and fresh verses. If anyone was able to check out the tracklists from Wolf's 7 days in LA, the bottom line was that his vinyl collections is so absurd, not a single artist was familiar. ST's podcasts give you a chance to get familiar with some great rare cuts. For those not lucky enough to catch live sets by Wolf, Egon, J Rocc, or any other Stones Throw artists, these podcasts are second best. Check out Egon's Stone Cold Psychedlic Soul (below) as well as a sweet unreleased Madlib track recently available through ST's website.

Stone Cold Psychedlic Soul mixed by Egon
Madlib & Eryka Badu - Real Thing

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